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De Fauveau restoration presented at Santa Maria del Carmine

Special Events

AWA’s Special Events represent many seemingly small steps to achieving our mission. We believe that each ‘triumph’ should be documented and remembered. For AWA there is no such thing as ‘old news’. Each event we plan and support must become a lasting part of Florence’s cultural fabric.

AWA organizes and promotes lectures, seminars, sojourns, tours and art shows focused on historic women artists in the Florence museums and storehouses and the restoration of their work. With the help of many partners, including state and civic museums, universities, Florentine cultural institutions, AWA strives to share its new discoveries and advocate for research projects and exhibitions centered around women in the arts. Restoration is the pillar of all our projects.

Most recent

‘Laurentian’ summit for Art, Tech and Science in Florence

On Tuesday, June 11, join AWA at the summit themed ‘Renaissance Futures: A Hyper-imaginative Vision’

'Gold Florin' Future

Florence Mayor Dario Nardella honors AWA for continued quest

An honor, from past to future

On May 27, AWA has been invited to "Leonardo 4 Children"

The Mud Angels Meet the Art Angels

At AWA, we are very excited to begin a partnership with FSU

The Innocents of Florence

Film premiere spotlights women, art and conservation

“Female Perspectives” opens at the Uffizi Galleries

AWA celebrates new exhibition in 2019

A global phenomenon?

‘AWA Around the World’ Events

‘AWA around-the-world’ for Women’s Day

Calling Art-angels to play host in March 2019.

The colors of Paradise

Do you want to know more about the earliest surviving paintings to have been signed by women artists?

Jane Fortune’s memorial at the Basilica of Santa Croce

Tuesday, October 9 2018 at 6pm is a moment of remembrance for author and philanthropist Jane Fortune.

Good-bye Indiana Jane

Jane Fortune of Indianapolis, IN, Boca Grande, FL, Leland MI and Florence, Italy peacefully passed away on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Stories of women in paint and on page

“Side events” that get to the core of the question.

Women Artists. Florence 1900-1950

A new exhibition featuring art by women from storage to spotlight.

A show, a trek, a prize

Summer calendar with a focus on women, art and nature.

Our summertime exhibition at Il Palmerino

A show for Lea Colliva. An Artist on the Pathway of the Gods.

'The gap... and the Gallery'

The Uffizi Galleries team up with AWA and WikiDonne for annual editing marathon

'Muses and Makers' at Florence's Palazzo Borghese

A lecture on reclaiming the art-by-women legacy.

An unconventional Valentine?

Why not celebrate February 14 with a gesture of love... for art!

Women who drew

'Women who drew' is a special workshop for restoring art on paper by women artists.

AWA premieres as 'Monuments Women'

AWA peeks out from the Silver Screen at Florence's cinema festival by and about women.

'Uffizi Women Artists'

An AWA lecture at 'The Florentine Day'


'Women and the Renaissance'

Together, AWA and The Savoy raise awareness on art by women.

Up in smoke

Presenting 'Invisible', the perfume, as it goes skyward.

A legacy of ladies

Women artists and patrons at the Late Medici Court.

‘Pictora’ and Palmerino

AWA’s partner Il Palermino is true to its springtime vocation: an outdoor lecture on women painters.

#TheFirstLast Plautilla Nelli Crowdfunding Launched

Crowdfunding launched in support of the restoration of Plautilla Nelli's masterpiece, the Last Supper.

It’s Medici Night

Tuscany celebrates one of Florence’s wisest women, whose collection boasted myriad works by women.

Plautilla Nelli takes the Uffizi by Storm

Upcoming exhibition of Florence’s first woman artists to be inaugurated in March 2017.

Famous but Forgotten

Artist Violante Siries shines during this lecture organized in tandem with the Medici Archive Project.

Beyond Borders

Flood Ladies on public view, thanks to this exhibition commemorating Florence’s 1966 Flood.

Florence Restoration Fair

Fortezza da Basso draws sector professionals at its Fifth Annual Art and Restoration Fair.

A Quote to Remember

Florence Mayor Dario Nadella recognizes founder Jane Fortune as honorary citizen of Florence.

AWA goes to Washington

AWA spreads the word about Italy’s art treasures by women at National American Foundation Gala.

The Pazzi Chapel and Women of the Flood

AWA brings the ‘Flood Ladies’ story to Santa Croce during summer seminar.

Women Artists Of the 1900s

Artists Adriana Pincherle and Eloisa Pancini make for a ‘complementary contrast’ at Il Palmerino.

Sojourn Success

AWA’s travel extravaganza ends after six days of art-filled memories.

With Honors

The ‘Best Digital Scholarship Award’ goes to AWA’s sister organization in Florence.

A Full House at Florence’s Odeon

“When the World Answered: Florence, Women Artists and the 1966 Flood” premieres in Florence.

“The Archive and the Eye”

What new Artemisia attributions have been drawing international attention?

Sister Act

Is the study of sacred art the “newest” trend when it comes to uncovering art by women?

Women of the World Festival

AWA Council member Rea Stavropolous shares our mission at dynamic London event.

Works by Women Out of Storage

Is Florence finally discovering a whole ‘new’ century?

Private Mythologies

A trek up to the Tuscan hills is the best way to discover artists Elisabeth Chaplin and Lola Costa.

Heritage and Landscape as Human Values

AWA at the ICOMOS 18th General Assembly in Florence.

'Welcome Day' has 'New Winners'

What good things can come from loving Florence when you’re young…


By giving a voice to historic
women artists AWA rescues
and reclaims the ‘hidden half’
of Florence’s art.

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