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Press conference for Nelli’s Last Supper

Journalists to capture history in words and pictures

On October 17, at midday, international and local press are invited to see Nelli’s ‘new’ Last Supper, at Santa Maria Novella. Before the viewing, project partners will be presenting the restoration at the Infopoint (Piazza della Stazione 5) in Florence. Speakers will be available for interviews afterwards in the Green Cloister, near Nelli’s painting. Florence’s Councilor for Culture Tommaso Sacchi, Project Curator for Santa Maria Novella, Silvia Colucci, AWA Director Linda Falcone and Florentine conservator Rossella Lari will be on site, in addition to major patrons and project advocates Margaret McKinnon and Wayne McArdle. The press conference will include the screening of a documentary short on the restoration of Nelli’s masterwork that will become a PBS television special, in the spring of 2020. After the presentation, the press is invited capture Nelli’s display for posterity.