A snapshot of the Medici Dynasty show, live in Florence

It’s Medici Night

Tuscany celebrates one of Florence’s wisest women, whose collection boasted myriad works by women. AWA partners with the creative team at the Medici Dynasty Show to celebrate the ‘Festa della Toscana’ cultural extravaganza on February 28, 2017, thanks to a varied evening of culture, wine-tasting and theater, spotlighting Anna Maria Luisa and the last Medici heirs. All of us at AWA have always been great admirers of the last Medici Grand Duchess Anna Maria Luisa, whose wisdom guaranteed that Florence's art and culture would remain in the city after her death. Her collections were full of art by women. Our founder Jane Fortune's in-progress restoration of her portrait of Palazzo Vecchio has made us love ‘the Sage Princess’ all the more! After the lecture ‘The Transmission of Beauty: the Medici and the Lorraine in Florence, Tuscany and the world’, the curtain will rise on the Medici Dynasty Show for an evening of edu-tainment.