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The colors of Paradise

International conference on convent miniatures

Do you want to know more about the earliest surviving paintings to have been signed by women artists? In partnership with  the Museo Nazionale di San Marco in Florence, AWA’s sister organization, the Jane Fortune Program at the Medici Archive Project is organizing an international conference entitled “The Colors of Paradise: Painting Miniatures in Italian Convents, ca. 1400–1700,” to be held at the Library of San Marco in Florence on October 11–12, 2018. This conference will allow experts from around the world to pool their knowledge regarding the making of miniatures by female monastics in early modern Italy. At its core, the conference will address questions of attribution, dating, techniques, devotional use, and patronage. Additionally, the conference will open perspectives on related inquiries such as women’s agency in the religious practices, and women’s access to both literary education and training in manual skills in Italian convents. The event is ‘first come, first serve’. For complete program calendar, visit here.