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‘Laurentian’ summit for Art, Tech and Science in Florence

On Tuesday, June 11, join AWA at the summit themed ‘Renaissance Futures: A Hyper-imaginative Vision’. Held in the ‘Tribune’ of Florence’s evocative Laurentian Medici Library from 9am to 5pm, this event is a platform for open innovation through art and technology and part of a 5-day Florence-based initiative. AWA’s Director Linda Falcone is keynote speaker, with the presentation ‘Art by women in Florence: Restoring Art Reclaiming History’. The summit, organized by FutureHere, focuses on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations General Assembly. Other topics include 'Wisdom and Intelligence Tools: Beyond Trends in Art+Tech' and 'Challenging Medical Paradigms through Art and Design'. Admission is free but registration necessary. To participate, please send your first and last name to contact@futurehereco.com.
‘Renaissance Futures: A Hyper-imaginative Vision’
June 11 Program
9am Welcome Message

9.30 to 10am Keynote 1 'Art by Women in Florence - Restoring Art and Reclaiming History'
Linda Falcone, Director, Advancing Women Artists

10 – 10.30am Keynote 2 'Game Changers: Building an Inclusive Future'
David Casalini, Founder & CEO StartupItalia

10.30 – 11am 'Social Network for Social Good Empowering Change Makers'
Sueyfer Velazquez de la Torre, Social Media & Partnerships, Horyou

11 – 11.30am 'Wisdom and Intelligence Tools: Beyond Trends in Art+Tech'
Miguel Mayher, Founder, TheArtMBA

11.30 – 12pm 'Reigniting Classical Humanism'
Angelo Paratico, Author, publisher, historian

12 – 12.30pm World Preview of Mission to Earth by NYADO
Founders Idan Abrahamson and Edoardo Segato


2pm – 2.30pm 'Transcending Programmed Thinking – The Continua of an Existence Broken into Labels' Michel Platnic, Artist

2.30 – 3pm Art of the Future
Taline Temizian, Artist

3 – 3.30pm 'Challenging Medical Paradigms Through Art and Design'
Kuang-Yi Ku, Bioartist

3.30 – 4pm 'Reconciling the Material and Immaterial – An Immersive Experience'
Alessandra Tempesti, curator, Lottozero

4 – 4.30pm 'Freeing the Angel from the marble'
Scott Breton, Artist, co-founder TIAC Group, in conversation with Nicola Verlato, Artist

4.30 – 5pm Closing Note + Call to Action, UN Focal Point; Arts Twenty-Thirty, Project Lead; UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth Initiative
Isabel Pérez Dobarro, Artist