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A portrait by Lavinia Fontana at the Pitti Palace.

Women who drew

'Women who drew' is a special workshop for restoring art on paper by women artists. Its aim is to raise awareness about Florence's growing archives on female heritage through the conservation of prints, drawings and photography. AWA is collaborating with our long-time partners Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino and the newly inaugurated Atelier degli Artigianelli whose public mission is to recover traditional Florentine crafts. This hands-on program (called 'Di Segno Donne' in Italian) is open to the public and led by restorer Beatrice Cuniberti. Organizers will be awarding two grants to applying students.

The 8-lesson workshop will be held at the Atelier degli Artigianelli at Via dei Serragli 104 at the Istituto Pio X Artigianelli. The course begins on February 23, and will take place every Friday from 3pm to 6pm. Course capacity: The first 8 people who register by writing to Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino at: associazione@palmerino.it Course cost: 200 euro, including materials and Atelier degli Artigianelli association membership. Grants equaling course costs will be awarded to two select students who send their CV (in English or Italian) to the email address above. Course will be held in Italian.