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A portrait by Lavinia Fontana at the Pitti Palace.

An unconventional Valentine?

Why not celebrate February 14 with a gesture of love... for art! AWA aficionados have been asking for ages for the opportunity to see art by women in Florence, both 'visible' and 'invisible'. Join us at 4:30pm at the entrance of Palazzo Pitti, for the 'Invisible Women' tour based on Jane Fortune's book and designed by AWA with Freya's Florence. Lavinia Fontana, Artemisia Gentileschi, Giovanna Garzoni, Angelica Kauffman... so many women have made history in Florence thanks to their painterly talents. In this palatial venue, embued with the grace of grand duchesses who made the city great (Eleonora de Toledo, Vittoria della Rovere, Anna Maria Luisa dei Medici), we'll have the chance to experience art by women in Florence first hand. Tour cost: 60 euro per person, headphones and admission included. Tour will be largely bi-lingual, English and Italian. Spots are limited, please reserve: linda@advancingwomenartists.org