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The Fiorino d’Oro ceremony, Palazzo Vecchio


Are you new to AWA and wondering ”where we have been” in the past decade? We’ve had ”tea” with film director Franco Zeffirelli. We’ve painted Santa Croce ”Pink”. We’ve “broken” into the Accademia Gallery. Get to know more about some of the exciting projects AWA has generated or supported in its efforts to share ”invisible works” by women with Florence and the world.

Most recent

It’s Violante Ferroni’s turn

AWA’s next painting leaves San Giovanni di Dio

Fall session: Mud and the art of healing

FSU students rediscover ‘their roots’ with AWA and Violante Ferroni

Inspiration across generations

17-year-old Australian student takes to the canvas

Angelica Kauffman’s Design and Colour are given contemporary appeal

AWA interviews British artist Sarah Pickstone

A happy 'coincidence'

Musica Secreta’s new CD From Darkness Into Light

Together stateside

On April 3 and 4, 2019, AWA hosted its annual US Board and Council meeting

Artemisia ‘breaks out’ of storage after Uffizi restoration

At AWA we always celebrate when a ‘new’ painting by a historic female artist is ‘saved from storage’

'Kindness' for the cause

No gesture goes un-noticed when it comes as a tribute to art by women!

In a studio – A morning for AWA's memory box

Florence mayor and vice mayor meet Nelli up close and personal.

AWA plays Santa at Palazzo Vecchio

As its Christmas gift to the City of Florence, AWA restored a Palazzo Vecchio painting


Playing art detective

Is a picture worth nine names?


To Florence from far afield

AWA celebrated its latest Board and International Advisory Council meeting in Florence.

A brand-new Album already seeped in 'history'

Leaf through 'The First Last' Donor Book, now on-line.


AWA encounters ‘Art Angel’

An unexpected gesture of generosity sends Nelli over the top. One of our best moments in 2017.

“Becoming a Florentine”

AWA’s founder Jane Fortune receives Florence’s highest honor.

Fortune and Palin share Quest

What was it like meeting actor Michael Palin and “Artemisia”?


“A Tea” with Franco Zeffirelli

How does AWA’s mission fit that of Italy’s top movie “maestro”?

The Emmy is Ours

AWA wins a coveted Emmy Award for its documentary “Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence”.

Think Pink

Have you ever heard of painting the town pink?


“Breaking into” the Accademia Gallery

Duclos donned her hoop skirts and climbed the scaffolding!

“Outstanding Restorer” honored

The Nelli Awards are AWA’s version of the Oscars.

There are “more” in storage

The attics and cellars of Florence’s most oft-visited museums continue to be a trove of little-known treasures.


See the Invisible!

The Uffizi Library Presents Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence.

David and Bathsheba Begins

Conservators face a quandary with Artemisia Gentileschi’s David and Bathsheba.

The Artist who opened the way

How can a sixteenth-century nun directly influence the life of hundreds of modern-day women?


By giving a voice to historic
women artists AWA rescues
and reclaims the ‘hidden half’
of Florence’s art.

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