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A brand-new Album already seeped in 'history'

Mark Gordon Smith with Nelli’s Last Supper

A highlight for 2017

Leaf through 'The First Last' Donor Book, now on-line. The hard-bound version of The First Last Donors' Album will be part of the Santa Maria Novella Dominican Library collection. When? As soon as the restoration of Nelli's Last Supper is completed. Open in Nelli's time, the library had become a 'studium generale' as early as the thirteenth-century and it worked much like a full-scale university, having the power to grant academic degrees to its students. Nelli, a Dominican nun who gained commissions within her order, would likely have been proud for this Album to be part of this prestigious library collection.

On its cover, you'll find an in-progress detail of one of Nelli's Apostles. Although one of painting's most successful figures, he is still a saint with no name! At the beginning of the book, you'll find greetings from Florence's Mayor, Dario Nardella. All of us at AWA would like to join in, thanking all 'The First Last' Donors!