Mark Gordon Smith with Nelli’s Last Supper

AWA encounters ‘Art Angel’


A highlight for 2017

An unexpected gesture of generosity sends Nelli over the top. One of our best moments in 2017. Don’t ask what art can do for you, ask what you can do for art! President Kennedy may have said the same at the beginning of the campaign to restore Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper. 409 donors from 19 countries thought just that! Their awareness is a concrete gesture of love. On Good Friday 2017, just two days AWA needed to reach its 65,000-goal on the crowdfunding platform, Mark Gordon Smith, President of Private Italy Tours LTD kicked our campaign over the goal with a sizeable donation made in memory of his mother, artist Helen D. Smith. Following a diagnosis of cancer when the family was living in Tirrenia in the 1950s, she was never able to return to her beloved Italia. "Our donation,” Mark explains, "is made with the hope that all women will be inspired by the story of a dedicated artist whose genius is just now coming to light, whose love of craft created such a legacy."