Awardee Rossella Lari, restoring for “posterity”

“Outstanding Restorer” honored


A highlight in 2010

The Nelli Awards are AWA’s version of the Oscars. The numerous women who conceive, support and create art and art programs to the benefit of Florence must be recognized! In 2010, we added a fundamental new category to our honors program: the ”Outstanding Restorer Award”. The vast majority of restorers currently working in Florence are women. In fact, this profession’s gender gap all but disappeared after the 1966 flood, when Florentine women began wearing trousers in public. It was the only way they could wade through the mud and oil that had invaded the city. The last 50 years have transformed Florence into one of the foremost centers for restoration in the world. Just who receives our other for-women-only Nelli Awards? A patroness of the arts, a museum director or curator, and a contemporary artist.