Invisible Women presented at the Uffizi Library

See the Invisible!


A highlight in 2008

The Uffizi Library Presents Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence. When AWA began working in Florence, museum curators were invariably surprised that a foreign organization might be interested in safeguarding works that were not crafted by the art world’s biggest names. Our answer: ”They are not the biggest names—yet.” To help museum executives, scholars and art lovers gain a better grasp on the volume of paintings and sculptures by women present in their collections, Jane Fortune, penned Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence. This seminal text garnered instant public acclaim and includes her precious “Women Artists Trail” which has served as a road-map-of-sorts for all restorations since. One work at a time, AWA is shedding light on the city’s ”hidden half”— making ”invisible” artists more visible.