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Violante Ferroni’s painting removed from its niche

Violante Ferroni’s painting removed from its niche

It’s Violante Ferroni’s turn


AWA’s next painting leaves San Giovanni di Dio

On October 3, 2019, a significant work by eighteenth-century artist Violante Ferroni was taken from the ancient Hospital of San Giovanni di Dio and transferred to the Florence-based restoration studio, where it will be brought back to its original dignity by conservators Elizabeth Wicks and Marina Vincenti. The ancient hospital is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar refurbishing and will be transformed into a center for Regional Healthcare—in the meantime Ferroni’s tondo representing San Giovanni di Dio Heals Plague Victims was brought to safety by being carefully extracted from between the bars of the scaffolding…we are lucky its stretcher was narrow! AWA’s team discovered that the painting is far more ‘populated’ than at first glance, when seen close up. The artist included several figures who are waiting to re-emerge after cleaning, re-lining, stucco work and pictorial restoration. Stay tuned!