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IAC member Donna Malin at the Fuligno complex

AWA plays Santa at Palazzo Vecchio


A highlight for 2017

As its Christmas gift to the City of Florence, AWA restored a Palazzo Vecchio painting, attributed to Nelli by US scholar Catherine Turrill. Now on display in the palace’s Mezzanine, it is thought to be one of two Annunciations by the artist that Giorgio Vasari mentions in his Lives. The Annunciation is one of the best-loved painterly themes in Florence. Because this painting depicts the Virgin Mary receiving news of Christ’s birth from the Archangel Gabriel, we thought its restoration a perfect way to share the Christmas spirit. May 2018 be filled with joyous news and much more art by women displayed and restored… in Florence and around the world!

The project’s main players? The City of Florence, the Florence Civic Museums and the Soprintendenza. Project curators: Serena Pini and Jennifer Celani. Restorer: Rossella Lari.