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IAC member Donna Malin at the Fuligno complex

Playing art detective


A highlight for 2017

Is a picture worth nine names? Prior a perfomance of the Medici Dynasty Show at Il Fuligno in Florence, AWA International Advisory Council member Donna Malin has a look at Lorenzo di Bicci's Last Supper to see if it will help us name the Apostles in Plautilla Nelli's sixteenth-century rendition of the same theme. Bicci's fresco was likely painted in 1410 but it has been 'trapped' in a storage closet since the complex's rennovation in the 1600s. We hope this hidden work will proved particularly useful to our 'detective work' because the artists labeled each Saint with twenty-first century precision! Many believe a picture is worth 'a thousand words' but will it help us uncover the the names of Nelli's unknown Apostles? So far we have identified Peter, John and Thomas. As AWA supporters continue to play sleuth, stay tuned...