AWA Florence Council member Paola Vojnovic sheds light on women in Santa Croce

Think Pink


A highlight in 2012

Have you ever heard of painting the town pink? Santa Croce is considered the pantheon of Italian greats—the likes of Galileo, Machiavelli and Dante have commemorative tombs in the church. Little did we know that a host of great women are also honored there, including Florence Nightingale, Galileo’s daughter, Suor Maria Celeste, and Charlotte Bonaparte. AWA’s restoration of a burial monument by nineteenth-century French sculptress Felicie De Fauveau in Santa Croce’s upper loggia opened the door to a new idea: why not honor all of the women buried in the complex and uncover their stories? The ”Santa Croce in Pink” project ensued which included the publication of a book by the same name and the creation of a specialized tour which allows visitors to discover the women poets, singers, politicians, mystics, philanthropists and artists that have helped make Florence great.