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What can I help restore now?

We need your help in our quest to conserve and maintain artwork by women. Join us in restoring it to its original dignity. Exhibition is the crowning achievement of all AWA's projects. But our work does not end there! We also document the restoration's various phases via a full-scale photography and video campaign. Women restorers, art historians, museum executives, philanthropists and guides work to rescue or promote each artist and her newly restored work. Each project is supported by publications, signage, cultural and inaugural events and an international press campaign.

Art Angels Program

An annual gift in support of AWA's programs will give you wings!

Founding the Jane Fortune Fund

Over the last decade, with founder Jane Fortune, AWA has restored and exhibited over 60 works by women artists.

Help restore Nelli's Crucifixion

The Crucifixion is part of a decade-long plan to salvage Plautilla Nelli's oeuvre.

The Adopt an Apostle Program

Help restore Nelli's Last Supper by 'adopting' an Apostle.

The Art Defense Fund

Legal-minded adopters are joining forces to take on the case of an 'unpopular defendant'.

'Women of the 1900s' - Edition 2018

Restoration and exhibition uncovers Italy's cultural history from a feminine perspective.

Lea Colliva on the Pathway of the Gods

Summer Art-by-women events outdoors and on canvas.

The Annunciation

Nelli champions the traditions of San Marco.

The Virgin Mary Presents the Baby Jesus

Violante Siriès Cerroti. It always starts with one painting.

Mrs. della Ragione

Antonietta Raphael Mafai. The story behind the sculpture.

The young Louise De Favreau, immortalized

An out-door treasure in Santa Croce’s cloister is a marble tribute from artist to poet.

Portrait of Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici

The last Medici heir, she is known by Florentines today as the 'Sage Princess'.

Chaplin's The Three Sisters

The restoration of Elisabeth Chaplin’s The Three Sisters at Pitti's Modern Art Gallery.

Saint Catherine with a Lily

Florence’s Last Super Museum of Andrea del Sarto boasts new work attributed to Nelli.

David and Bathsheba

One can never tell what treasures might be hiding in the Pitti, one of Florence’s loveliest palaces.

Duclos’ Copy of Andrea del Sarto’s Madonna del Sacco

This Duclos painting hangs in the Salone dell’Ottocento amidst ‘memories’ of Canova and Bartolini.

Truck by Titina Maselli

Twentieth-century artist Titina Maselli's 1968 painting exemplifies her city-inspired work.

Presentation of Baby Jesus at the Temple

The story that inspired Plautilla Nelli's earliest work.

Tribute for Madame Anne De Fauveau

De Fauveau’s mother was her ‘partner in crime’ and inspiration for one of the artist’s best works.

Portrait of Alberto Moravia

It's all in the family for colorist Adriana Pincherle.

Greta Garbo by Titina Maselli

Greta Garbo, one of Maselli’s two contributions to Florence, painted in 1964

Portrait of Emilio Jesi
by Antonietta Raphael Mafai

Mafai's trusted patron's portrait is a sign of her times.

by Antonietta Raphael Mafai

For Florence, the mother of all artists.

View of Olevano
by Antonietta Raphael Mafai

AWA restores a work with 'gypsy soul'.

Gianna Manzini's portrait by Adriana Pincherle

The 'painted' novelist returns to its place among the greats of literature.

Nelli’s Saint Dominic Receives the Rosary

An art treasure for Nelli’s order at the Last Super Museum of Andrea del Sarto, Florence.

Houses in Demolition

Scenes of 'destruction' reborn.

Interior with Figures by Vittoria Morelli

The colors of an invisible artist shine through.