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The Adopt an Apostle Program

Help restore Nelli's Last Supper by 'adopting' an Apostle. Plautilla Nelli's Last Supper is the largest painting by an early woman artist in the world. Created in the1560s, the artist’s masterwork is the only known painting on this theme authored by a women. In storage for over 450 years, this 21-foot long masterpiece will soon be restored to its original dignity and shared with the worldwide public for the first time ever.

When and Where

When will it be finished? Where will the painting be permanently displayed?

Who's involved

Meet the project's key players and join them.

The Last Supper – Top-five Facts

What makes Nelli's Last Supper extraordinary? Here's what you most need to know…

Project Basics and Budget

This budget provides an overview on what we'll need to rescue and reclaim Nelli's masterwork: The Last Supper.

Donor Benefits

Are you looking to know more about Donor Recognition and Perks?


All about TheFirstLast

TheFirstLast crowdfunding (April 2017) supported a portion of the project. Watch tell-tale videos that zero in on the highlights.