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Houses in Demolition by Fillide Levasti

Houses in Demolition by Fillide Levasti

Houses in Demolition

Scenes of 'destruction' reborn. Restored in 2018 for the exhibition "Women Artists. Florence 1900-1950", Fillide Levasti's Houses in Demolition is in ordinarily storage at the "Uffizi Galleries" at Pitti's Modern Art Gallery. The exhibitions co-curators Chiara Toti and Lucia Mannini describe the artist's style of the period: "Throughout the 1920s, artist Fillide Levasti would chiefly paint painstakingly researched still-life works reminiscent of German and French art. By the 1930s, her painting became increasingly characterized by her quest for purity with spurred the artist to turn her gaze to the every-day activities and trades typical of the viale Milton neighborhood, home to Palazzo dei Pittori, where her studio was located. This ultimately resulted in whimsical views of a Florence suspended in time, which would become the quintessential trademark of her oeuvre by the end of the second World War."

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