Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Adopted Saint Matthew Adopted by Jane Fortune in memory of Robert Hesse Adopted Saint Bartholomew Adopted by Bill and Nancy Hunt Adopted Saint Thomas Adopted by David and Betty Schneider Adopted Saint James the Elder Adopted by Alice Vogler in memory of Lynne Wisneski Adopted Judas Iscariot Adopted by The Art Defense Fund Adopted Saint Peter Adopted by William Fortune and Joseph Blakley Adopted Jesus Christ Adopted by Donna Malin in memory of John and Sophie Lalas Adopted Saint John the Evangelist Adopted by Cay Fortune, in honor of Jane Fortune Adopted Saint James the Younger Adopted by David and Nancy Galliher Adopted Saint Andrew Adopted by Ted Lilly and Deborah W. Lilly Adopted Saint Simon Adopted by Kari and Katherine Haataja Adopted Saint Judas Thaddeus Adopted by Margaret MacKinnon and Wayne McArdle in honor of Beverley McLachlin Adopted Saint Phillip Adopted by Pam Fortune Adopted

Please note: The painting's figures have been assigned names that have not yet been attributed with certainty. We look forward to further detective work by Dominican scholars and art historians.

Who's involved

Meet the project's key players and join them. From institutional partners to the private sponsors whose 'saintly' contributions are making it all happen.

Institutional Partners
Lead supporters of the project include Florence Mayor Dario Nardella and Councillor for Equal Opportunity and Welfare Sara Funaro. Civic and state museum curators: Dr. Silvia Collucci and Dr. Anna Bisceglia. Conservator: Rossella Lari.

Our institutional partners: The City of Florence, Florence Museum Services, The Superintendent's Office for Florence's Museum Circuit, The Museum of Santa Maria Novella, the Complex of Santa Maria Novella and the Dominican Religious Community, the National Research Council’s Institute for the Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage.

Private Sponsors
When AWA Board member Cay Fortune first saw Nelli’s Last Supper upon its arrival at the restoration studio, she was struck by the power of the painting and felt a particular connection to its youngest apostle: Saint John. A ground-breaking idea was born that day. Why not, she thought, engage a group of deeply-engaged community leaders, individual philanthropists, and local or international companies who would like to adopt each of the12 saintly figures—and that of Jesus Christ as well! Cay has recently shared her desire to 'adopt' Saint John by means of a $10,000 contribution. Her ‘condition’ for making this gift: that AWA welcome others into the 'art adoption sphere' by joining her with a similar gesture. Because this is the first time that Nelli's Last Supper has been studied in depth, not all of the Saints have been identified. This means donors and 'adoptees' will be part of a very dynamic discovery process.

Our top Adopt-an-Apostle Sponsors would love you to join them.

$25,000 DONOR

Donna Malin, Adoption of Jesus Christ in memory of John and Sophie Lalas

$10,000 DONORS

Cay Fortune, Adoption of Saint John in honor of Jane Fortune

Alice Vogler, Adoption of Saint James the Elder in memory of Lynne Wisneski

Wayne McArdle and Margaret MacKinnon, Adoption of Saint Judas Thaddeus in honor of Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada

Jane Fortune, Adoption of Saint Matthew under 'Orate Pro Pictora' inscription, in memory of Robert Hesse

William Fortune and Joe Blakely, Adoption of Saint Peter

Bill and Nancy Hunt, Adoption of Saint Bartholomew

Dave and Nancy Galliher, Adoption of Saint James the Younger

Ted Lilly and Deborah W. Lilly, Adoption of Saint Andrew

Pam Fortune, Adoption of Saint Philip

David and Betty Schneider, Adoption of Saint Thomas

Kari and Katherine Haataja, Adoption of Saint Simon

* Before the launch of 'The Adopt an Apostle Program', myriad partners and players were involved in our first drive to support the restoration of Nelli's Last Supper. Visit our TheFirstLast section for a complete overview of Phase I, including Honorable Mentions, Project Partner Videos and 'TheFirstLast Donors Album'.