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Cay Fortune

An advocate for Nelli's Apostles

Meet the AWA Board Member responsible for birthing one of our all-time best ideas.
Cay Fortune’s love for the arts has been lifelong, and she expresses that love primarily by serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Advancing Women Artists (AWA) in Florence, Italy. Her latest endeavor with our organization is to champion the ‘Adopt an Apostle’ program, of which she is the first adoptee! Saint John is Cay’s protégé! “I would like others to follow my lead and share this privilege with me,” Cay explains, “the other 11 Apostles and the figure of Christ in Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper are awaiting ‘adoption’ too.”

Here’s what you’ll like to know about Cay:
Cay Fortune is founder of the Fortune Family Foundation (FFF), a grant-making private foundation serving the Pacific Northwest. Cay's goals as a philanthropist have been to support organizations focused on helping women and children by making those organizations more self-sufficient financially. Believing it is better to teach a man to fish than to give a man a fish, FFF has used its grants to teach fundraising skills to staff and volunteer board members for two decades, and to underwrite the costs of major objective fundraising campaigns.

AWA was founded by Cay's cousin, Jane Fortune, and it is Jane Fortune's work that Cay is most interested in advancing while honoring her cousin. Cay's foundation also seeks out human beings she calls “Human Angels” and surfaces their amazing stories of service to others, sacrifice, and persistence to uplift the human spirit. These people are honored with an “Angel On Earth Award” and then each is charged with seeking and honoring at least one other Human Angel. In this way, the joy of volunteer recognition is passed from Human Angel to Human Angel in a never ending succession of uplifting celebrations of the better angels of human nature. Jane Fortune herself has been identified as a Human Angel and will soon be honored with one of these awards.

Cay Fortune in 2015 with AWA Vice Chair, Bob Hesse