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Bill Fortune and Joe Blakley

‘A few kind words’

Bill Fortune and Joe Blakley decided to adopt Nelli's Saint Peter as a gesture of support for AWA to tribute the passion and commitment our mission entails. Their admiration for our quest goes back to the days when AWA was nothing but a glimmer in our founder’s eye. Bill’s last name is a give-away; he is Jane Fortune’s brother. Both Bill and Joe are lovers of beauty and high design no matter the era. They are also fans of sublime food in small quantities and peaceable after-dinner conversations that last until late.  Good down-home human stories are their daily bread. As avid art collectors, their fondness for Italy is the result of multiple trips up and down ‘the Boot’. Not prone to loving the limelight, their ideal character description is best summed up with ‘a few kind, constructive words’ and ‘less is more’.