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Nancy Galliher

A word from AWA's Vice Chair

"It is very easy to become a supporter of AWA when you meet someone as dedicated as Jane Fortune. I too fell in love with Florence as a young Art History major.  The fact that women artists have been neglected throughout history is well documented. To help to get their work out in the public eye is important. The goal, as Jane says, is 'to give them a voice'. To start with the Renaissance and Sister Nelli is so very appropriate. To restore her works is a privilege. Her Crucifixion, which is one of her triptych lunettes, helps fill a void and tell a story. It has increased the momentum surrounding her Last Supper, which is now being restored. When the world sees this painting added to the growing collection of her other restored works, people will realize her formidable talent, noteworthy for any artist, male or female during any period of art.

It takes a lot of time and money to research, discover, and restore works of art. Discovering and researching women artists is especially challenging and economic resources are needed. The same is true for restoration. We also need a lot of dedicated people involved. I hope other art lovers will join me in contributing to AWA so that more works by women artists can be brought before the public to be appreciated. This is how we will fill in the voids of Art History."

AWA's vice chair and a member of AWA's Board of Directors, Nancy Galliher is a philanthropist and painter. In addition to loving Florence, she also admires the flowers for which the city was named; gardening is one of her passions. A dedicated mother and grandmother, family is her greatest masterpiece off canvas.