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Alice Vogler

'Friendship and the love of art'

Although Alice Vogler had visited Florence several times in years past, she fell in love with the city when living there during her husband David's sabbatical in 1998-9. Two events that year led to her interest in AWA. The first was in December when Jane Fortune and Bob Hesse arrived and invited everyone in the building to spend Christmas Eve with them. The second was in April when their friend, Lynne Wisneski, arrived. Lynne had just completed an advanced degree in art history and came not only to visit, but to see what she had studied. Together she and Alice packed in as many museums and churches as they could in the limited time they had. Along the way, Lynne taught Alice the joy of looking at art. Jane and Bob gave her a focus for that appreciation.

Once back home in Massachusetts, Alice and David missed Florence, so in 2002, they purchased an apartment there. They caught up with Jane and Bob. Lynne continued her annual visits.

When Jane founded AWA and asked Alice to be a board member, she was delighted to accept, believing that AWA's work is important not only because of its support for art restoration, but because of its emphasis on women artists. In her professional life as an attorney, Alice had been the first woman attorney and first female partner in a Boston law firm. She experienced first-hand the feeling of being "invisible" in a room of male attorneys and believes it is time to shine a light on women's accomplishments, especially in the arts.

Serendipitously, as a way to get to know Florence during that magical sabbatical year, David, Alice and their son Bill spent each Saturday viewing a different Last Supper. This had the advantage of taking them to different parts of the city and of giving them the appreciation of how each artist viewed the same scene. How appropriate, then, for Alice to adopt an apostle, especially one that had been out of public view during their Last Supper search. Both David and Lynne have since succumbed to cancer. In making her gift, Alice chose St. James because that was her husband's middle name. She is dedicating her gift in memory of Lynne Wisneski, who taught her so much about friendship and the love of art.
A treasured photo of Alice and her family during their 'magical' Florence year.

A treasured photo of Alice and her family during their 'magical' Florence year.