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The presentation of “Women Artists of the 1900s” at the Regional Council’s Palace, Florence

AWA’s Partnerships

AWA’s mission is simple but we are not alone in our quest. A growing number of public institutions and museums have welcomed and supported our projects since our founding. We also are happy to work with our rapidly expanding network of media partners and culturally-inspired companies whose ‘brilliant ideas’ are needed to help the AWA’s outreach programs grow—whether though advocacy campaigns or fund-raising to the benefit of art by historic women.

Florence’s State Museums

Dramatists say, ‘the plays the thing’. For AWA, the ‘Museum is the thing.’

The City of Florence

Palaces or Churches? Florence is ‘waking up’ to its multi-century history of art by women.

The Tuscan Regional Council

We started in Florence, but our mission is expanding to art by women in the whole of Tuscany.

The Florentine

One of AWA’s ‘historic partners’, TF has flanked AWA’s activities for a full decade.

Il Palmerino

Sharing our love for art by women in purely practical ways with Il Palmerino.

Opera Santa Croce

The spiritual traditions of 13th-century Florence began at Santa Croce. Today, they’re discovering their ‘pink’ side.

Timeless Travels

Sharing our love for Florence is fundamental to the mission. Here’s the mag that helps.

Nerdi Orafi Firenze

An AWA pin? It’s a lovely trinket and a ‘conversation piece’ that helps support our programs.

Medici Dynasty Show

Florence has art by women thanks to the protagonist of its most unique local theater company.


An evocative idea comes to life at Florence’s exclusive profumerie AcquaFlor.

Hotel Savoy, Rocco Forte Hotels

Hotel Savoy is host to AWA’s Directors luncheons that bring together Florence’s women museum directors and curators.


By giving a voice to historic
women artists AWA rescues
and reclaims the ‘hidden half’
of Florence’s art.

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