A scent-inspired ‘still life’ at AquaFlor


An evocative idea comes to life at Florence’s exclusive profumerie AquaFlor. This exclusive Maison de Parfums was established in Florence in 2009 by the visionary maitre perfumer Sileno Cheloni. AquaFlor embodies the art of the traditional artistic Florentine fragrances, combining creativity and the refined character of the modern French perfumery. Aquaflor’s collection is comprised of rare, valuable raw materials from all corners of the world. These olfactory jewels, produced on site in the Aquaflor laboratories, are creations that come from the skillful hand of Sileno Cheloni, who, just like alchemists and apothecaries of the past, works with intimate knowledge and great passion. AWA and AquaFlor have banned together to create an evocative tribute to women artists of the past.