The Florentine features artist Felicie de Fauveau

The Florentine

One of AWA’s ‘historic partners’, TF has flanked AWA’s activities for a full decade. Since 2005 The Florentine has been the go-to media outlet for English speakers in Florence and Tuscany, and an invaluable resource for Florence and Tuscany lovers worldwide. Affectionately known as TF, The Florentine is a free monthly print news magazine. Original editorial content and in-depth journalism go hand in hand with a curated selection of events and classifieds, making The Florentine the preferred media outlet for Florence's international community. The Florentine has supported AWA since its founding as Media Partner though its publications, events and vision-sharing support. The Florentine Press, an off-shoot of The Florentine, has published many of AWA books.