Villa Il Palmerino, an Tuscan oasis for culture

Il Palmerino

Sharing our love for art by women in purely practical ways with Il Palmerino. Cultural Association Il Palmerino was established by the current owners of the historic villa Il Palmerino on July 25, 2008. The Association aims to promote the villa’s cultural heritage, following the footsteps of generations of artists who were involved in making Il Palmerino a vital center for intercultural and interdisciplinary pursuits throughout the centuries. The Association works to enhance and showcase those works from the past that continue to be an expression of the place, while promoting other pursuits and initiatives, including international research, and creative contemporary events. AWA and Il Palmerino have worked together for years, organizing lectures and exhibitions. It’s most far-reaching multi-year project is ‘Women Artists of the 1900s’, a city-wide event that brings together public museums and private collectors to restore and exhibit woman artist from this under-discovered period in Florentine history.