Goldsmith and artisan Daniela Messeri carries on family tradition

Nerdi Orafi Firenze

An AWA pin? It’s a lovely trinket and a ‘conversation piece’ that helps support our programs. This artisan workshop at the Casa dell’Orafo has Renaissance flair and is located just steps from the Ponte Vecchio, in the same monastery where the Medici family once brought together Florentine goldsmiths. From that moment onward, Florentine goldsmithery has been a precious craft in the city where know-how is passed down from generation to generation. In the Nerdi workshop two sisters Daniela and Silvia Messeri work together with creativity and passion upholding the craftsmanship typical of their family traditions. It is the hands of its artisans that have made Florence great throughout the centuries! They restore ancient jewels or design new ones on commission, spanning various facets of the metal-working field. Daniela Messeri has designed AWA’s series of pendants, which are a ‘shiny’ reminder that art by women must be brought to public attention, one persona at time.