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Our top sponsors

AWA is a shared quest. Learn more about our top donors. AWA's quest is gaining strength all over the world as international donors embrace and support our mission to research, restore and exhibit art by women in Florence and Tuscany. We thank them for their far-reaching commitment!

Dr. Jane Fortune

AWA's Founder and Chair tells the story that started AWA.

Cay Fortune

Meet the AWA Board Member responsible for birthing one of our all-time best ideas.

Mark Gordon Smith

The ever-changing story of art history


Donna Malin

A vocation for helping women


Wayne McArdle and Margaret MacKinnon

Honoring Women Through Art

Alice Vogler

'Friendship and the love of art'

Nancy Galliher

A word from AWA's Vice Chair

Bill Fortune and Joe Blakley

‘A few kind words’

Victoria Slichter

Beauty is in the eye of the painter

Doug and Connie Clark

Art lovers Connie and Doug Clark became AWA aficionados