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Doug and Connie Clark

Continued commitment

Art lovers Connie and Doug Clark became AWA aficionados from the moment they met Jane Fortune and Bob Hesse, our founder and co-founder thanks to mutual friends. While at home in Alabama, they dedicate their time to their two daughters and their optometry company whose three branches – Pelham, Clanton and Calera Family – provide eye and vision care in Shelby County. Their love for travelling leaves no corner of the world untouched and often brings them to Florence – either as Sojourners or for Connie’s work on AWA’s International Advisory Council. In 2017 and 2018, their support was instrumental to seeing Nelli’s Crucifixion restored and reunited with its sister paintings at the Last Supper Museum of Andrea del Sarto. With Jane Fortune’s passing, they have championed the Jane Fortune Fund, as very the program’s first donors. Dr. Clark sums up the driving force behind their support: “We want to see Jane’s legacy continue. The challenge and the commitment are as simple as that.”