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AWA volunteers at the opening on the Tuscany exhibition on Pincherle and Picini in 2016.

AWA Volunteer Program

AWA in Florence is currently accepting volunteers for research on holdings in Italy’s museums and cultural institutions (particularly in Tuscany) in support of our restoration projects, past and future. Volunteers also work to augment and compile AWA’s photographic database and institutional contacts in support of AWA’s 2019 programs. Volunteers with a ‘writer’s hand’ will be invited to lend support to our press office and web master, to develop and advance our various press campaigns, and advocacy initiatives or events, either ‘on paper’ or in person.

Volunteering in Florence

Our volunteer research program in Florence focuses on Italian holdings and artists.

How to apply

Learn the ‘nuts and bolts’ of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few more answers for the enquiring mind.


By giving a voice to historic
women artists AWA rescues
and reclaims the ‘hidden half’
of Florence’s art.

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