Founder Jane Fortune in Pitti storeroom admiring Oosterwych’s work

Donor Benefits

Are you looking to know more about Donor Recognition and Perks? Your adoption of one of The Last Supper's Saints will become a fundamental tool for raising the collective consciousness about the achievements of historic women artists and Nelli in particular.

Here is a list of Benefits for Donors participating in the Adopt-an-Apostle Program:

     –  Inclusion of Donors' name on signage placed next to the newly displayed painting at the Santa Maria Novella Museum.
     –  Inclusion of Donors' name in the credits of our full-feature documentary on Plautilla Nelli's Last Supper, designed as a TV special (producer and platform TBA).
 –  Inclusion of Donors' name in the credits of our book on Nelli's Last Supper, presenting new research discovered during the restoration (Publication 2019).
 –  Inclusion of Donors' name in on-screen credits at the conference featuring new Nelli research, the same week as the Inaugural.
 –  Inclusion in a Special section of 'TheFirstLast' hard-bound Donors' Album deposited at the Dominican Library of Santa Maria Novella.
 –  Inclusion in AWA's 'Adopt an Apostle' press release, sent out to 90 international publications, news platforms and social media channels.
 –  Recognition with personal news article in 'Inside AWA' our digital and hard-copy Insider's magazine.
 –  Recognition on AWA's website with a feature article in 'TheFirstLast' Segment.
 –  The invitation to work with AWA to develop a personalized press plan in harmony with Donor's vision of their gift.
     –  Exclusive viewing of Nelli's Last Supper at the Restoration studio led by Florentine conservator Rossella Lari.
     –  Invitation to attend the Nelli press conference, held by the City of Florence.
 –  Invitation to High Mass at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Novella, a gesture led by the Monastic Community's head Friar.
 –  Invitation to Inaugural event, an exclusive cocktail for the painting's Unveiling at the Santa Maria Novella Museum.
 –  Invitation to Nelli conference, presenting new research discovered during the Last Supper restoration.
 –  Invitation to premiere of Nelli documentary (in Florence or US).
     –  2 copies of new Nelli book (publication 2019).
     –  1 gold 'Women Artists Pendant'.
 –  1 bottle of 'Invisible', the art perfume.