Presenting the show at Palazzo Panciatichi

‘Colors of an Artist’

This exhibition at Palazzo Panciatichi marked the twentieth anniversary of Pincherle’s death. The show ‘Adriana Pincherle: Colors of an Artist’ was part of the ‘Women Artists of the 1900s’ calendar. This biennial project is brainchild of AWA and Il Palmerino and it focuses on the feminine artistic scene in twentieth-century Florence. Each year, the goal is to study, restore and exhibit works by one well-known female artist and artist awaiting rediscovery. The 2016 edition brought together partners like the Regional Council of Tuscany, the Michelucci Foundation, the Archivio Contemporaneo Alessandro Bonsanti and the Gabinetto Vieusseux. Curators Lucia Mannini and Chiara Toti shed light on various works by Pincherle from public and private collections all over Tuscany giving a ‘life-long’ view of her art. AWA’s newly restored portraits were exhibited here. Our book Adriana Pincherle and Eloisa Pacini: Twentieth-century Women Painters in Florence was the show’s full-color catalog.