Engrossed in the show at Il Palmerino

‘Art and Memory’

Palmerino exhibition compares and contrasts Adriana Pincherle and Eloisa Pacini. ‘Art and Memory’ was hosted by Associazione Culturale il Palmerino in 2016 and it featured artists whose creative languages are different to the point of being almost divergent. Such are Eloisa Pacini’s placid tonal chords and soft, late pastels when compared to Adriana Pincherle’s vigorous coloristic component, bolstered by her openness toward European trends. Pincherle and Pacini shared a love for Florence and made it their home. It’s the city where they both cultivated collaborative relationships with their respective husbands, the painter Onofrio Martinelli and the architect Giovanni Michelucci, also adoptive “Florentines”. Pincherle and Pacini approached art from a dissimilar vantage point, though they had the comparable experience of living their lives alongside “illustrious” men; Michelucci himself, in the case of Pacini and novelist Alberto Moravia, who was Pincherle’s brother. Pacini approached her vocation in a discontinuous manner. Pincherle, on the other hand, made painting her career. Together, they represent two faces of the twentieth-century painting who merit further study. Exhibition curated by Lucia Mannini and Chiara Toti.