On location in Santa Croce whilst filming PBS documentary WTWA


Watch AWA’s videos because ”moving pictures” are worth a thousand words. AWA is committed to documenting all of our projects by producing videos and full-scale art documentaries that help spread the word about restoration and exhibition of art by women. The Foundation is often featured in news reportages or at the center of filmed interviews. This selection of video shorts will help art-lovers get a sense of the work we do, and the philosophy behind it.

The Final Countdown

The Challenge: Raise $65,000 to restore a masterpiece of 16th-century painting by Florence's first woman artist, Plautilla Nelli. We began on March 1, 2017 and a lot has happened since then. With a week left in the campaign, this video slide-show calls on art-lovers to make a difference. As of April 7, 2017, 323 people from 14 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom, USA, United Arab Emirates) contributed to crowdfunding campaign.AN APPEAL FOR THE 'LAST WEEK'

Museum Magic. Santa Maria Novella hosts TheFirstLast launch
The ancient refectory of Santa Maria Novella hosts the launch event of ‘TheFirstLast’, AWA’s crowdfunding project to restore Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper. An evening of magic in the venue that will host the masterwork in 2018! Special guest speakers: the City of Florence’s Councilor for Equal Opportunity and conservator Rossella Lari. The restoration is being carried out in collaboration with Servizi Musei Civici Fiorentini. Enjoy the evening from afar!

Elena Sofia Ricci 'meets' Plautilla Nelli

Italian actress Elena Sofia Ricci plays 'Godmother' to TheFirstLast Crowdfunding campaign to restore Nelli's Last Supper. Ms. Ricci is currently starring in a Sunday-night detective comedy where she plays the nun Suor Angela in a smash-hit RAI series called 'Che Dio ci aiuti' (God Help Us!). Share her first impressions during the campaign's press conference at the restoration studio. Her musings on our restoring Nelli's masterwork: 'Thank you for reminding us of the grandeur of Florence through the women artists who made it great'. ELENA SOFIA RICCI

Nelli takes the Italian news by storm

“Nelli was an absolute protagonist of convent creativity during her time,” says Fausta Navarro, curator of the Uffizi’s monographic show on the artist. This news reportage in Italian provides an exciting glimpse of the ‘Nelli show’, the first in a series planned by Uffizi Director Eike Schmidt to celebrate women artists every spring, both historic and contemporary. STUDIO TG

Plautilla Nelli and Andy Warhol

Uffizi Director Eike Schmidt compares Renaissance convent artist with Andy Warhol. Why? Because they both had the same style of series-style portraiture, but let’s just say that Nelli had more than 450 years on him! Those who are not in Italy for Nelli’s first-ever solo exhibition will want to have a look at this walk-about with Lorenzo de’ Medici, university news channel. LdM NEWS

Spirituality through Art and Music

A radio interview with Fausta Navarro, curator of the Uffizi show ‘Plautilla Nelli. Convent Art and devotion in the Footsteps of Savonarola’ at the Uffizi (until June 2017). The fascinating story of the nun who translated the spirituality of her era into pictures. The interview (in Italian) is accompanied by the angelic music of Hildegard von Bingen, which also represents female creativity, an almost unknown side of Art and Music in the Middle Age and Renaissance. RADIO3 SUIT

Gestures of ‘Equality’

Our worldwide crowd funding campaign TheFirstLast intends to sponsor the restoration of Plautilla Nelli’s monumental ‘Last Supper’, the only example of this topic painted by a woman in art history. ‘It is important to salvage this work of art, because with it, one salvages the memory of these women who fought to be equal to men’, says Italian actress Elena Sofia Ricci, ‘godmother’ of the campaign, featured in this RAI news show, along with conservator Rossella Lari. (In Italian). RAINEWS

Firenze News

Because young generations of women are waking up to the contributions of past female greats, Florence’s women’s football club, ‘La Fiorentina’ joined us at the press conference and inauguration of Plautilla Nelli’s first-ever solo show at the Uffizi. On International Women’s Day 2017, Nelli receives a welcome worthy of the ‘purple carpet’, Florence’s signature color! VIOLA CHANNEL

The “Golden Florin” for AWA’s Founder

The “Fiorino d'Oro”, Florence's highest honor goes to Jane Fortune! The Awards Ceremony was part of the opening event of the Global Mayor's Forum, 'Unity in Diversity', at Florence's Palazzo Vecchio. Have a peek at the evening, thanks to video journalist, Kirsten Hills.

The Lady Who Paints

An art victim of Florence’s 1966 flood emerges as victor, fifty years after the disaster. Conservators Elizabeth Wicks and Nicoletta Fontani rescue Violante Siries’ masterwork at the Florentine Church of Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi, whilst researcher Poiret Masse scours Tuscany, recovering the missing pieces of the artist’s forgotten oeuvre.

Art and Memory: Pincherle and Pacini

The lives of Adriana Pincherle and Eloisa Pacini tell us volumes about the last century. Artists quietly at the forefront of Florence’s important cultural movements, their respective paintings reflect European trends and sweet local flair.

As It Was in the Beginning

During an interview about Florentine patroness par excellence, Anna Maria Luisa dei Medici, the Medici Dynasty Show asks about ”the initial spark” that led to Advancing Women Artists.

Wikipedia and Women Artists

A collective Editing Marathon fills the gaps in Wikipedia content on the achievements of women artists. A useful way to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Michael Palin on Artemisia’s Trail

AWA’s founder Jane Fortune and actor/comedian Michael Palin enjoyed a ”dual interview” when he came to Florence to film the BBC art documentary on Artemisia Gentileschi. ‘I am in awe of Florence,’ Palin admitted during the interview. We imagine that Artemisia made a fascinating guide!

Nelli and those who came after her

This BBC documentary, “The story of Women and Art” (1 of 3), spotlights the hidden genius of female artists of the Renaissance, from Properzia de’ Rossi to Artemisia Gentileschi. From minute 13, you can see a rare glimpse of Plautilla Nelli’s “Last Supper” in its former location in the Friar’s private refectory of Santa Maria Novella, one year before being brought to the restoration studio. BBC

“The Flood Ladies” Await the Museo Novecento

’The Flood Ladies’ are modern and contemporary artists who hoped their gifts to Florence would contribute to making the city a center of the arts in the twentieth century. Their dream reaches partial fulfillment with the inauguration of Florence’s Museo Novecento.

AWA’s “Bragging Rights”

The Indiana Historical Society Announces 2014 Living Legends Award. AWA Founder Jane Fortune and Vice Chair Robert Hesse are official ”Living Legends” thanks to their outstanding contributions to the world of art and culture in all its forms.

Ten Minutes of Wonder

Irene Parenti Duclos is the eighteenth-century protagonist of this ten-minute video spotlighting the restoration of her Madonna del Sacco, after Andrea del Sarto. The artist proves herself an example of precision and courage.

Duclos at the Accademia

International scholars join forces to recover the legacy of poet and paintress, Irene Parenti Duclos, a pioneer in her time. This conference at Florence’s Accademia Gallery spotlights ground-breaking discoveries.

Artemisia’s Surprise

Conservator Nicola Ann Macgregor recounts an unexpected discovery whilst restoring Artemisia’s David and Bathsheba. Have a look for a better understanding of the ”controversial” techniques used.

Shedding Light on Artemisia

Artemisia spend seven years in Florence and AWA has spent at least that much time working to rediscover her many gifts to the art world. Our David and Bathsheba Project is the fascinating recovery of her little-known masterwork.

A Sculpture Wounded

Santa Maria del Carmine’s ancient cloister hosts Felicie de Fauveau’s Monument to Anne de la Pierre, damaged during the Nazi occupation of Florence in the Second World War. Here’s how AWA restored history.