Invisible Women:
Forgotten Artists of Florence

Author:  Jane Fortune
Genre: Art
Publisher: B’Gruppo srl (Prato)
Series: The Florentine Press and AWA, 2009 / 2013
Languages: English/Italian
Pages: 228 / full-color illustrated

It's the book that inspired an Emmy Award winning documentary!  ‘Indiana Jane’ strikes again: another painting has been salvaged from centuries of decay; another woman artist rescued from oblivion. From the lofty halls of the Uffizi to the attic storerooms of the Pitti Palace, Jane Fortune leads the reader on a quest whose aim is the restoration, recuperation and rediscovery of famous or unknown works by women artists in Florence’s museums. In a city of indisputable masters, Fortune opens a window on the trials and triumphs of remarkable women whose lives and works remain an unfamiliar but fascinating part of Florence’s cultural heritage. With historical episodes and modern-day milestones, Invisible Women is a celebration of creativity, a protest against indifference, a race against time and a daring dream for the future. In 2013, the PBS documentary, Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence, based on this book, won a coveted Emmy Award.