Researcher Poiret Masse researching Violante’s ‘hidden’ works in Rome’s Palazzo Corsini

Recovering Violante’s Legacy

AWA researcher Poiret Masse searches for (and finds) works by Violante in Tuscany and Italy. AWA researcher Poiret Masse embarked on a 2-year restoration project to uncover Violante’s little-known works. This journey took her the homes of Tuscan nobles like the Gondi Palace in Florence, the Corsini Palace in Rome and Villa Palmerino in Fiesole, as well as myriad religious monasteries in Pistoia, Galluzo and Siena. She painted her way through the end of the Medici dynasty and into the Florence of the Austrian Habsburg-Lorraine family. Studies by Poiret Masse and restorer Elizabeth Wicks, carried out during restoration, provided insights into locating Siries in her time-period and identifying her artistic fingerprint, adding to our picture of this ”Celebrated Lady, whose portrait is in the Gallery,” as her student Maria Hadfield Cosway referred to her. Note: Florence-born artist Hadfield Cosway was Thomas Jefferson’s great platonic love.