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Rossella Lari restoring Greta Garbo

Rossella Lari restoring Greta Garbo

Restoration: A question of perspective

Maselli's Garbo is daunting, once inside Rossella Lari's restoration studio. In addition to clinching moderate success on the Roman art scene, Maselli was also an 'adventurous art collector. She purchased works by foreign giants like Cèzanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Henry Moore as well as collecting panels by Italian successes such as Martini, Burri and Fontana. How does her work compare to the artists she loved? This quote provides a clue: "A painting captures an instant and it is seen in an instant… I would like my paintings to be clear, like those scenes that Charlie Chaplin repeats dozens of times, to make sure he is being understood… I always try to make things as clear as possible, as hyperbolic as I can…" Maselli describes her experience as female artist working in post-war Italy, in the following way: "I cannot comment on the Battle of the Sexes. I have never experienced this problem as a victim, and I've need been subjected to it on a sensorial level. I've never lived it."