Unveiling at the Pitti Palace’s Sala Bianca

Seeing Bathsheba

Why is David and Bathsheba is storage? It’s a question whose answer we have not yet uncovered. Artemisia’s David and Bathsheba became part of the Grand Ducal Collection and documents show that it decorated the Grand Duke of Tuscany’s apartment in 1662. After restoration, David and Bathsheba was unveiled on November 27, 2008 in collaboration with Palazzo Pitti’s Palatina Gallery. During a six-week exhibition, titled ‘A Christmas Gift to the City of Florence’, the painting was shown alongside its tapestry reproduction by Pietro Févère (1594-1669), the Medici’s chief weaver. In 2009, the painting was loaned to Pisa’s Palazzo Blu for an exhibition on Galileo and his contemporaries. It is now in storage at the Pitti Palazzo—not for long, we hope!