Artemisia’s Mother and Child in the Sala Bianca, Pitti

Artemisia’s Conference

The Palatine Gallery at Pitti is always ready to welcome its most famous palatine: Artemisia. She was the subject of study at an international conference in 2015, organized by AWA’s sister organization in Florence, the Jane Fortune Research Program, within the Medici Archive Project. Pitti’s Sala Bianca was decked out for this occasion, and her Madonna and Child was displayed ‘close up’ for lecturers and conference-goers to enjoy. Gentileschi was the eldest child of the Tuscan painter Orazio Gentileschi and was introduced to painting in her father's workshop. Like her father, her style was heavily influenced by Caravaggio but her approach to subject matter was different from her father’s. Gentileschi’s work had a sense of narrative drama which celebrated powerful heroines, while her father’s works are more idealized. Artemisia is an intriguing artist whose work has intrigued scholars for the last 50 years.