Women of the 1900s – 2018 Edition

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Artist: Leonetta Pieraccini and Fillide Giorgi Levasti and women artists in twentieth-century Italy
Restoration, exhibition and cultural events
Gabinetto Vieusseux – Beneficiary of 5 restored works
Ente Cassa di Risparmio – Exhibition Venue
Il Palmerino – 'Women artists of the 1900s' cultural salon

Total project value: $102,000
AWA is seeking to raise $40,000 in support of this project.

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Early twentieth-century Florence was a magnet for artists and intellectuals, many of whom were women. 'Women of the 1900s' brings together the works of Leonetta Pieraccini and Fillide Giorgi and their artist colleagues including Marisa Mori, Ghitta Carell, Flavia Arlotta, Adriana Pincherle, Marisa de Matteis and others. In a time of social upheaval and creative revolution throughout Europe, these women carve their place as still-life artists or Futurists, colorists or traditionalists… This restoration and exhibition strives to reclaim a little-known side of Italian culture from a time that is too close to be treated as forgotten.

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