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Recognize and support art history’s ‘invisible women’. They were artists against all odds, and their legacy is yours. All of AWA’s restorations aim to rediscover and promote these artworks on multiple levels. As we restore each canvas or sculpture, we also restore their creators’ forgotten stories. Each project is unique. Each art experience is one-of-a-kind. Each approved project is presented and led by a museum director in Florence, upon the request of the Foundation. All of AWA’s conservation projects include elements linked to research, conservation, diagnostic analyses, publications, video creation and exhibition. Funding needs include frames and photographic documentation of the work during various phases of the restoration. The conservation of art by women is a 365-degree adventure! Join us!

Nelli's Crucifixion

Created in the 1570s, this large-scale painting is an example of a common Florentine trend: women commissioning paintings to other women.

Adopt an Apostle

Why is the Last Supper important? When Plautilla Nelli painted her large-scale masterpiece depicting the Last Supper in the 1570s in Florence, Italy, she was doing something no woman before or after her had ever done.

Art Defense Fund

Plautilla Nelli captures on canvas the moment in which Christ announces His betrayal by one of the Twelve. Judas Iscariot sits without a halo on 'the other side' the Last Supper table.

Women of the 1900s – 2018 Edition

Early twentieth-century Florence was a magnet for artists and intellectuals, many of whom were women.


Lea Colliva on the Pathway of the Gods

A summertime project whose echoes will last for posterity, 'Lea Colliva on the Pathway to the Gods' takes art supporters on their own path toward the discovery of Tuscany and beyond.

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