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Nelli’s Crucifixion

Created in the 1570s, this large-scale painting is an example of a common Florentine trend: women commissioning paintings to other women. Arcangela Viola, prioress of Nelli’s convent of Santa Caterina, asked the artist to craft a three-piece series whose style and themes would reflect her spiritual visions. The Crucifixion is the central lunette and upon restoration it will be displayed between Nelli’s two other works: Saint Catherine in Prayer and Saint Domenic Receives the Rosary.

This project includes canvas and frame conservation treatments, diagnostic analysis, photographic documentation, creation of a video-short and pamphlet on the restoration. Based on their level of giving, contributors will receive certain ‘perks’ inspired by art by women in Florence. Contributions of $25+ entitle givers to periodic updates on the state of the project.
All Donors for Nelli's Crucifixion will receive NAME RECOGNITION in the e-version of our Donors Album, which will be deposited at the Last Supper Museum of Andrea del Sarto, upon restoration completion. Based on levels of giving, each donor will receive the following perks, as a sign of our gratitude for your efforts to safeguard Nelli's lunette.

$25   –  Electronic copy of the brochure on where to find Nelli’s works in Florence
$50   –  1-year digital subscription to The Florentine
$100   –  One-year membership to AWA's Art Angel Program
$300   –  Bottle of 'Invisible', the art perfume
$500   –  Sterling silver 'Women Artists Pendent' OR two tickets to the Medici Dynasty Show in Florence
$1,000   –  Two invitations to the inaugural cocktail for the Unveiling of Nelli's Crucifixion
$2,500   –  Two invitations to the inaugural cocktail for the Unveiling of Nelli's Crucifixion
  –  One silver-and-gold 'Women Artists Pendant'
$5,000   –  'Invisible' the art perfume
  –  1 copy of Nelli's Uffizi Catalog
  –  Name Recognition Perks and exclusive invitations: visit our Donors' Benefits section for details.
$10,000   –  Personalized Donors Program, write to for details.
If you are interested in becoming this project’s primary donor, please contact Linda Falcone at for a custom-made donor package.