Lea Colliva on the Pathway to the Gods

A summertime project whose echoes will last for posterity, 'Lea Colliva on the Pathway to the Gods' takes art supporters on their own path toward the discovery of Tuscany and beyond. Beauty, art and nature combine revealing the landscape that fostered Colliva's love for Naturalism and stimulated her colorist vein. Lea Colliva was a 'flood lady' who donated art to Florence after the 1966 flood and her works represent the efforts of a hidden generation of Bolognese artists whose stories are waiting to be intertwined with the creative efforts today's youth. A project for restoration, exhibition and various forms of artistic expression from the early twentieth century to today. AWA is seeking to raise $5,000 in support of this project.

Based on levels of giving, Donors have the option of receiving the following perks, as a sign of our gratitude for your efforts to support 'Lea Colliva on the Pathway of the Gods'.

$25   –  E-catalog on Lea Colliva
$50   –  1-year digital subscription to The Florentine + e-catalog
$100   –  One-year membership to AWA's Art Angel Program + e-catalog
$300   –  Two copies of the Colliva catalog
$500   –  Sterling silver 'Women Artists Pendent' + Colliva catalog
$1,000   –  Bottle of 'Invisible', the art perfume + Colliva catalog
$2,500   –  Gold 'Women Artists Pendant' + Colliva catalog
$5,000   –  Name / logo recognition in catalog + 5 copies of catalog