At the Uffizi, during a private evening visit

The Heart of Art

Restoration is our life blood and we share this science with new aficionados. Our visits to women-run conservation studios provide a life-changing view of what the foundation is all about. It normally takes a few years to restore a painting to its original dignity… and we document each phase for posterity. Just wait and see which ‘phase’ of the process will be ‘yours’! Though AWA focuses on women’s art, Sojourners are also exposed to many of Florence’s greats. Expect exquisite private tours of Florence’s most distinguished venues, often led by the directors’ themselves. Whether viewing jewels from the Uffizi’s unexhibited collection or pouring over the ancient manuscripts of the Laurentian Library—there is something for everyone. Music lovers will delight in a private concert at the Medici Chapel and the day may end with a tour of Palazzo Strozzi’s most recent exhibition or with the chance to enjoy cocktails at the sumptuous Bardini Museum, once home to an eclectic Florentine collector.