“Toasting” on the terrace in Fiesole

“Spiritual” Dining

A mix of art-filled dining experiences and tasty Tuscan fare are a must for our guests. AWA’s Sojourns often include the chance to dine in some of the city’s most majestic palatial venues. We’ve supped in the Accademia in the shadow of Michelangelo’s David and enjoyed after-hours evenings at the Pitti’s Modern Art Gallery. For foodies who consider gourmet sampling a quasi-mystical experience, AWA takes “spiritual dining“ quite literally. Past opportunities have included breathtaking suppers at San Croce and Santa Maria del Carmine, where Giotto and Brancacci are almost our guests. AWA food-inspired travel also exhalts Tuscan style menus: expect home-style, refined cuisine that represents the heart of local culinary talent. Whether sipping fine Tuscan reds at the warm, dynamic “Pandomonio“ or sampling market goodies on a sublime market-to-table food tour, Florence is the place to experience festive, authentic Tuscan cuisine.