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Do you want to see art by women in Florence?

Join us for the 'Invisible Women' museum walk. Throughout its history, Florence defied worldwide trends and became a powerhouse for art by women. These female artists and their works await rediscovery… today.

Sharing art by women in the Renaissance city is a fundamental part of our advocacy program. You cannot love (or protect) art you cannot see! By popular demand, we've teamed up with Freya's Florence and developed a two-hour 'Invisible Women' tour, inspired by Jane Fortune's book by the same name. It leads our guests through the Palazzo Pitti, purchased and renovated in the sixteenth century by Grand Duchess Eleonora de Toledo. Throughout its history, the palace has always showcased the grandeur of female patrons, politicians and artists. Tour proceeds support the restoration of art by women in Tuscany.
Here is a sampling of the artists whose lives and works you'll discover, during our day tour:

Artemisia Gentileschi. Baroque master whose sometimes violent works were hidden from the public eye because 'too gruesome to view.' Are her Pitti works self-portraits in disguise?

Lavinia Fontana has the largest oeuvre of any female artist prior to the 1700s. Though she painted professionally, Fontana had no legal standing as a woman, so her husband signed her invoices.

Giovanna Garzoni. Seventeenth-century still-life artist with an eye for science who painted 21 exquisitely detailed works for Ferdinando II during her 10-year stint as Medici court painter. Garzoni sparked a revolution in the genre whilst its popularly catapulted thanks to Medici tastes.

Angelica Kauffman. A founding member of England's Royal Academy, she became known as 'a Raphael amongst woman', and her Italian sojourn was described by Goethe in his famed 'Italian Journeys'.


Up to 5 people:: 350 US$ plus museum admission paid on site. Admission: Adults: 17 euro. Children: 4 euro. (One euro equals approximately US$1.18). One copy of 'Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence' is included in tour cost.

Up to 9 people:: 435 US$ plus museum admission and headsets paid on site. Admission/headsets: Adults: 20 euro. Children: 7 euro. Two copies of 'Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence' is included in tour cost.