Sileno Cheloni, Master Perfumer at Aquaflor Firenze

Artisan Experiences

Florence is a hand-on city and craftsmanship is the way to its heart. Celebrated throughout the world for its high-quality craftsmanship, Florence has always been fertile terrain for time-honored trades. From the frame-makers that populate the eccentric Oltrarno district to local goldsmiths and enamellers employing age-old techniques, the city’s artisans staunchly maintain the traditions of their forefathers. Their crafts include multiple mediums from Acquaflor’s evocative prefumerie and Angela Caputi’s handcrafted costume jewelry to Sbigoli terracotta and Ippogrifo prints. Our guests are invited to specialized ateliers where they meet skilled craftsman and appreciate the exclusivity of their products. Whether shoes and leatherwork or hand-made musical instruments and sumptuous silks woven on Renaissance looms—Florence’s long-established mastery must be upheld and protected.