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Partecipa al nostro Soggiorno 2018

AWA’s signature event is a six-day fall Sojourn in mid-October 2018. Many people come to Florence but very few have access to the heart of it. Ask yourself the following questions and discover why AWA's 2018 Sojourn is more than a 'must'.

Have you ever been 'welcomed home' to Florence?

Have you ever been recognized in Florence as an honored patron?

You'll never forget the hospitality of Florence's finest families as they welcome us into their homes—whether country villas or in-city palaces—for evenings of pure Tuscan joy.
Sojourn proceeds support the conservation of art by women and Sojourners will be in town for the inaugural cocktail and unveiling of the painting their patronage helped restore, at its museum debut.*

Have you ever met Tuscany's most 'creative minds'?

'Hidden treasures' are part of AWA's DNA. Expect curator-led visits to storehouses and secret palace rooms and spectacular after-hours events in beloved museums, made possible by of our decade-strong mission.

Have you ever met Tuscany's most 'creative minds'?

Our network of colleagues include the founders of modern-day artisanal companies and cultural centers who uphold Tuscany's age-old traditions—food, wine, craftsmanship and the performing and visual arts.

What's in store for Sojourn 2018?

We'll dine 'at home' and 'in palazzo'
– Sup at the Antinori's private Palace, as guests of the renowned wine-making family.
– Enjoy dinner with the Gondi Marquis, once Medici rivals, at their stunning Renaissance palazzo.
– Dine at La Petraia, a Medici villa once home to Italy's king, hosted by the museum director.
Go where few have wandered
– See the 'secret rooms' at Palazzo Vecchio in the company of curator Dr. Serena Pini.
– Scout out the art-filled attic of the San Salvi Museum with curator Dr. Cristina Gnoni.
– Discover the normally-closed Grand Duchess Wing at Palazzo Pitti to view 'invisible' art by women.
'Wise hands' and 'beautiful' minds
– Exclusive visits to Medici-founded precious stones workshop and silks woven on age-old looms.
– The architectural wonders of the newly restored Duomo Museum tell Florence's story now and then.
– Meet the cast of the Medici Dynasty Show post performance at Il Fuligno.
– Visit the new Franco Zeffirelli cinema Foundation in the company of the maestro's son.
– Bask in the autumn glow of wine-making at the family-run Winery d'Ama.
We'll experience art salvaged by YOU
– Be honored as the patrons of Nelli's Crucifixion (1570) at the painting's unveiling at San Salvi Museum.
– Gain exclusive access to science of restoration at Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the world’s foremost lab.
– Witness progress on Plautilla Nelli's 21 Last Supper at a private restoration atelier in the artisan's district.
It's tradition! Some things are too good to pass up
– The hearty Tuscan cuisine at Armando’s family trattoria.
– The morning ‘a cappella mass’ at the Badia Fiorentina.
– Our luncheon in the US Consulate’s ballroom, hosted by the US Consul General.
– A welcome cocktail at our Founder's riverside condominium.

When, how and how much?

When is AWA's upcoming Sojourn?
Sunday, October 14 to Friday 19, 2018
What is the cost?
6,000 US$ per person.
*This fee includes a 1,000-dollar tax-deductible contribution to Advancing Women Artists, in support of the restoration of Nelli's Crucifixion. Payment must be received by August 2018. Your 1,000 dollar donation is non-refundable.
When will I receive a full itinerary?
Our website descriptions provide a general idea of Sojourn plans. Our full itinerary will be available on line by December 2017. It is subject to change, though any alternatives provided will be similarly unique.
Is hotel and airfare included?
AWA is not responsible for air transportation, hotel accommodations or airport pick-up. However, we have special hotel rates at AWA’s hotel of choice: the Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy located in Piazza della Repubblica in the heart of the city, and have reserved a block of rooms for AWA’s guests. When possible, we like the group to stay in one hotel, for it is easier for the private bus pick-ups and drop-offs. We are happy to facilitate your bookings at the Savoy. For more information, write to Jane Adams at: jane.adams@advancingwomenartists.org
How can I pay?
AWA accepts payments by check, bank draft or credit card. Those paying by credit card pay in full upon registration. Those paying by check or bank draft have the option of two installments: $3,000 down payment due by June 10, 2018; The 3,000-dollar balance is due on August 10, 2018.

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Please fill out our on-line registration form
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Name of Account: Advancing Women Artists, Inc.
Account Number: 4617737887
Routing number for U.S. wire transfers or electronic fund transfers: 041000124
Swift code for international wires: PNCCUS33

Please fill out our on-line registration form
or print the form and send with payment.

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